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Gun Safes

Gun Safes provide safe secure storage for your fire-arms. This ensures that you do not have to worry about people playing around with them and limits access to them to when you want them out. It also ensures that someone who breaks into your home doesn’t have the ability to steal your fire-arms. We also can move your gun safe with our best in class local safe movers in San Jose and Bay Area for affordable cost.

Are gun safes required in california?  Answer : Yes

Safety and Storage Devices for Guns - California Law 

If you decide to keep a firearm in your home you must consider the issue of how to store the firearm in a safe and secure manner. California recognizes the importance of safe storage by requiring that all firearms sold in California be accompanied by a DOJ-approved firearms safety device or proof that the purchaser owns a gun safe that meets regulatory standards established by the Department. There are a variety of safety and storage devices currently available to the public in a wide range of prices. Some devices are locking mechanisms designed to keep the firearm from being loaded or fired, but don't prevent the firearm from being handled or stolen. There are also locking storage containers that hold the firearm out of sight. For maximum safety you should use both a firearm safety device and a locking storage container to store your unloaded firearm.

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