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SafesPRO provide safe moving service all over SF Bay Area, Nothern California. If you are looking to move your safe we have all right tools to do this kind of job! Our safes movers specialists are well trained and they have years of experience behind their shoulder!

Safe delivery is not as simple as picking it up, putting it in a truck, and then driving to the location.  Safe manufactures have applied safety features in modern day safes that the average moving company doesn’t understand, and such treat the safe like any other piece of furniture.  Often time’s improper movement, storing during transit and even the dropping from one stair to the next can result in having to call a locksmith and in some instances the replacement for the safe door, or safe completely.

SafesPro it is Safes moving company which specializes in the safe transport ad deliver of all safe brands; and is completely insured, licensed, DOT certified.  You will know when our uniformed safe movers arrive at your door; you have made the right decision in in a safe moving company.   Your safe will be protected with heavy duty blankets, moved up and down stairs with a smooth stair climbing dolly, secured in the proper position with heavy duty security straps, and treated as if it was the most valuable possession.

We can handle just about any size safe; in fact we have contracts with many safe retailers across the Denver metro area, and move more safes than any other company in Denver.  Please call us today at 480-887-12-48 to talk with a knowledgeable professional from out safe moving service, get a firm price with no hidden charges at the end.  We believe that every move should come with a clear, easy to understand price that includes all materials, the equipment, manpower, truck, etc.  You will know what the price is when you book the job.

We accept most forms of payment, arrive in the window of time stated, our damage rate is the lowest in the industry, and provide excellent service & Communication.

We specialise in relocating, installing, and removing gun and commercail safes in both resedential and commercial settings. We just started as a new company! We've been in the gun safes moving business for over 5 years, and pride ourselves on timely, effective, and affordable service. 

As well as our work with safes, we have a wealth of experience in moving and relocating safes and vaults any types of difficalties (upsatair, bacement, office buildings, casinos, banks, stores)! We Have Done It? Let us move your gun safe!

 Services We Are Provide:
  • Gun, document, jewelry safes moving
  • Safe delivery
  • Safe moving
  • Safe installation
  • Lock servicing
  • Safes Removal
Types: Gun Safes, Home Safes, Handgun Vaults, Locks, Safe Accessories, Jewelry Safes, Office Safes, Commercil Safes!

If you're looking for someone to get the job done right the first time, we're your answer.

SAfes movers Bay Area SF

We also offering a leading range show room of home and gun safes in San Jose.

Rest easy knowing that your personal valuable belongings are safe inside a home and domestic safe from American Safes manufacturer companies.

  • Fort Knox Gun Safes
  • Browning, Superior
  • Champion safes
  • Safe Guard
  • American Security
  • Summit Safe
  • Dakota
  • Format
  • Hollon

Backed by warranties and strictly adhering to rigorous testing, our domestic and home safes are sure to impress. With affordable prices and service all round
Located in San Jose, our safes are delivered and setuped right across California. Besides home and gun safes, we also cater for drug and pharmaceutical safes as well as commercial and retail safes so be sure to browse through our excellent range for sale and contact us online if you require a specific solution for your application.

Gun safes are a great way to keep your firearms and ammunition safe and secure. Gun Safety is very important if you have children. Most quality gun safes are fire resistant and extremely secure. Keep your kids and potential burglars away from your guns with a new or used gun safe and never have to worry about accidents or theft again. We can also help you move your gun safe if you need to move safe to a new location.

 Fort Knox Saafes San Jose

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