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Free estimates for services and repairs of sewing machines in San Jose, Bay Area

AAA Vacuums and Sewing, San Jose offer free estimates for services and repairs of sewing machines at the Bay Area. We have specialist engineers for all makes of sewing machines who can provide a service of repair for your sewing machines.

San Jose PFAFF, Brother embroidery and sewing machine store

An Embroidery sewing machine will allow you to add beautiful and themed details to anything you create. Embroidery sewing machines are available as either embroidery only machines or as a combination unit that also does the job of a regular sewing machine with a removable embroidery unit. At San Jose AAA Sewing we offer a range of Embroidery sewing machines to suit your individual needs. Our range includes PFAFF® and Brother Embroidery sewing machines.

Six Common Sewing Machine Problems Solved

Sewing machines sometimes seem to have a life of their own when it comes to working properly or not. Fortunately, many common sewing problems can be fixed or prevented just by making sure the machine is set up properly and has regular maintenance. Furthermore, many other problems may be easily resolved by slightly altering the methods by which one sews.

Why does my sewing machine thread keep breaking?

San Jose AAA Sewing Machines repair service can fix any problem. Rethread your machine, Decrease the tension on your machine The tension may be too tight for your thread. Reposition the spool of thread on the spindle You know that little nick in the edge of a spool that used to hold the loose end of the thread? Your thread may be catching on this nick as you sew. Place your spool so that this nick rests against the bottom of the spindle

Fixing common sewing machine problems in San Jose service

Should you encounter a problem with your sewing machine, it's best to refer to the instruction manual supplied with your machine. This will contain details of the correct settings for your machine and may contain a trouble shooting guide.

You can fix your problem in our sewing machine service in San Jose.

1. Machine not sewing

Refer to your instruction manual for general set up of your machine.

Some common points to check are: